måndag, februari 21, 2011

Open Studios / Öppet Hus IASPIS 25-26 Februari 2011

Huset är öppet:
fredag 25 februari kl 14 - 22
lördag 26 februari kl 12 - 17

MFK är med på ett panelsamtal på lördag kl 12.30 - 13.30 tillsammans med konstduon Little Warsaw, Henrik Andersson och Lisa Rosendahl. Rubriken är "Non-governance", vi tänker att det kommer handla om att självorganisering och att ta saken i egna händer.(Projektrummet)
På lördagen håller vi workshopen Just Say NO! mellan kl 14 - 16, (Ateljé 6) se info nedan.


The house is open:
Friday February 25, 2 - 10 pm
Saturday February 26, 12 - 5 pm

MFK will participate in a panel discussion on Saturday between 12.30 - 1.30 pm together with Little Warsaw, Henrik Andersson and Lisa Rosendahl. The title for the talk is "Non-governance", we think it will be about self-organizing and taking things into to our own hands. (Project room)

On Saturday we will host the workshop
Just Say NO! between 2 - 4 pm, (Studio 6) more info below.

What? Just Say NO! workshop led by Malmoe Free University for Women (MFK).
When? February 26, 2-4 pm.
Where? Iaspis, Maria Skolgata 83, Stockholm
Who can join? Anyone, the workshop is open to 15 people, first come - first served. Participation means being there the full two hours. RSVP is nessesary, send an email with your name and number to: info.mfk@gmail.com

Do you identify as a politically informed artist? Do you want to do the right thing but not be on the Right side? Are you torn between the demands of your gallery and your principles? Do you spend endless hours formulating your art practice to fit the standards of a grant committee? Is avoiding paying tax to make an extra buck starting to come natural to you? If taking a test, are you afraid you would fall under the title entrepreneur? Honestly, are you starting to feel more and more like a capitalist? Are your compromises leaving you sleepless? Long walks trying to shake the guilt? Relax, you are not alone and there are solutions. This is the workshop for you.


With MFK you are in safe hands, we have plenty of experience of turning down poor institutional suggestions, kicking neoliberal butt since 2006 and still refusing to kneel to invisible power. Through a strict pedagogical frame and with firm guidance we will collectively learn to say NO! to the neoliberal hegemony NO! to unpaid labor NO! to bad exhibition deals NO! to superficial curatorial ideas NO! to tragic gallery contracts NO! to making the world a more interesting place without being paid NO! to invisible power structures NO! more masturbating white male egos NO! more geniuses on our block.