måndag, maj 07, 2007

Culture, Labour and Neoliberalism

2 days of discussion about how neoliberalism affects labour and cultural producers and how we can respond.

Wednesday 9/5:

Kristina Ask
is a visual artist working between theory, practice and activism from a belief that these fields can only perform mimicry as separated, and therefor only can become functional by extending beyond and across fields.(www.kristinask.net) "Biopower is an instrumentalisation toward measures of capitalism of the progressive acts and inventive thinking from below. We need to know how to direct the instrumentalisation, or rather, how to empower collectives in a climate of individualization."
Kirsten Forkert
is an artist, writer and organizer. Her work has dealt with issues such as the commercialization of education and the role of artists in political organizing. She will speak about neoliberal changes to cultural policy, education and labour in her home country of Canada and strategies that artists and activists have used to respond, with the goal of drawing comparisons with the situation in Sweden.
Thursday 10/5:

Tone Olaf Nielsen
is a Copenhagen-based independent curator and member of the curator collective Kuratorisk Aktion. She characterizes her curatorial practice as activist, and her strongly politicized projects explore the possibilities of using the exhibition medium as an activist tool for positive social change. In her talk, Nielsen will discuss the effects of neo-liberal cultural policy from a feminist perspective and sketch out various strategies for upholding a critical practice in the age of neo-liberal globalization.
Dalia Mukhtar-Landgren is a PhD Candidate Political Science at Lund University. She is writing her dissertation on postindustrialism, urban regeneration and place marketing in Malmö. She will speak on the topic of place marketing, urban regeneration and inclusion and exclusion in these processes, with a special focus on the role of culture in place marketing.
Liv Marend has been working actively with labour issues for several years, from a feminist perspective. She is an active member of SAC and Malmö LS, and works as a garde-manger. Marend will speak about how the new government in Sweden has affected unions, and also strategies for organizing in the present political climate.
Emma Reichert (moderator) is a curator, organizer with Signal Galleri and one of the founders of Institutet för konstnärer och konstförmedlare (IKK).

9-10 may, 18.00.