onsdag, april 27, 2011


Johanna and Lisa invite Annika who invites Celie to invite Leila
Leila Khaled, the Palestinian activist, feminist and political i
con will be holding a lecture on her political work, spanning several decades, from the sixties til now. This lecture is the culmination of an initiative by Annika Eriksson. Linking together colleagues Johanna Gustavsson, Lisa Nyberg and Celie Eklund, a chain was formed leading to Leila Kahled. In English.
Afterwards the audience is welcome for food and drinks and a possibility to continue the discussion.
Food provided by community kitchen Vardagsmat, pay-as-you-can (we don't take credit cards so please bring cash).
The event is supported by IASPIS.

Lördag 30 april kl 18 på Konsthall C.

Press: please contact khaledprojekt@gmail.com