onsdag, april 14, 2010

Just say no!

In these times - more and more of the art world is being ruled by the neoliberal hegemony.
In these times - less and less of the art world stands up to the laws of capitalism.

A lot of us fulfill capitalist obligations without thinking further of its consequences, settling for a temporal fix to a structural problem. We fall under pressure, adapting to protect our carriers instead of cooperating with each other. We see our colleagues be taken down. We asked ourselves: What to do?

Proposal for a workshop
Do the Right Thing

Do you identify as a politically informed artist? Do you want to do the right thing but not be on the Right side? Are you torn between the demands of your gallery and your principles? Do you spend endless hours formulating your art practice to fit the standards of a grant committee? Is avoiding paying tax to make an extra buck starting to come natural to you? If taking a test, are you afraid you would fall under the title entrepreneur? Honestly, are you starting to feel more and more like a capitalist? Are your compromises leaving you sleepless? Long walks trying to shake the guilt? Relax, you are not alone and there are solutions. This is the workshop for you.

Through a strict pedagogical frame and with firm guidance from MFK we will collectively learn to say NO! to the neoliberal hegemony NO! to unpaid labor NO! to bad exhibition deals NO! to superficial curatorial ideas NO! to tragic gallery contracts NO! to making the world a more interesting place without being paid NO! to invisible power structures NO! more masturbating white male egos NO! more geniuses on our block.

With MFK you are in safe hands, we have plenty of experience of turning down poor institutional suggestions, kicking neoliberal butt since 2006 and still refusing to kneel to invisible power. Our practice has been formed out of the political strategy that we will never act from the questions "What do others expect from us? What do they want?" but must always be "What do we want?" and then "How can we do it?". Through political manipulations and whatever it takes, we will follow the rule of never pleasing the power but always ourselves. We believe in finding collective solutions for private problems. If money is the only language then we have no voice. We have to find other strategies to push through and make ourselves heard. We need to refuse negotiation, refuse to obey the rules and let our actions speak.

To book a workshop, contact MFK at: info.mfk@gmail.com